The Bee Hive, based in Kingsthorpe Northampton, is a Post 16 vocational setting for young people aged 16—19 years with Special Educational Needs. Since 2013, the Bee Hive has been providing a safe, structured and outstanding educational provision to students with special requirements blurring the borders between education, work-placed learning and vocational learning. The Bee Hive includes a café, retail space, well-being centre and conference hall alongside classrooms and practical work rooms. These businesses provide the young people with a wide range of opportunities to work within different environments. Our aim is to provide individual learning programmes which enable students at all levels to excel educationally, vocationally and progress confidently into the world of work.

Committing in engaging all students in work as the context for learning for life relies on the facilities at the Bee Hive where support and a provision of services is essential. We are also keen to ensure our relationships with local businesses and the residential community continue as these external influences play a valuable part in our learners’ development.